”The power of purchase decisions made by companies is immense” – Consumers think companies should buy more Finnish products

Companies operating in Finland buy about 190 billion Euros worth of products and services annually. A little over 70 percent of the products and services are Finnish. More than 80 percent of Finns feel that companies should mainly buy Finnish products and services. If the degree of domestic content of purchases made by companies were to rise by one percent, it would mean an increase of up to 1.9 billion Euros in Finnish purchases.

Nature is the Most Important Source of Inspiration for Finnish Interior Decoration

Finns are most inspired by nature when decorating their homes, according to a survey commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work. Recycling of materials also provides inspiration, especially for female decorators. Nature is also the inspiration behind the Association for Finnish Work’s KOTI – The Mindscape of the Finnish Home exhibit at the Habitare expo, which has been executed in collaboration with the Association’s member companies.