Design Deed of the Year 2021 awarded to Kempower Oy

The Design from Finland mark’s Design Deed of the Year 2021 title was awarded to Kempower Oy, which designs and manufactures charging solutions for electric vehicles. The Design Deed of the Year title was awarded for the 10th time this year to a Finnish company in whose business design plays an important role. Other award criteria were, for example, responsibility, everyday functionality and originality.

Kempower Oy, a company specializing in EV fast-charging solutions and technology based in Lahti, is owned by Kemppi Group, a company founded in 1949 and known for its global Kemppi welding machine brand. Kemppi Group’s subsidiary Kempower was founded in the fall of 2017 as an independent company, which focuses solely on EV fast charging solutions.

Kempower was awarded the Design Deed of the Year award, as its design not only plays an important part, but is also very current. The electrification of transport is part of a global change and the innovative product development. Kempower’s industrial design and concept concretely answers these needs while representing strong user-driven design. Additionally, Kempower also takes into account that the implementation of people’s mobility in a sustainable way is a critical factor in the design of a sustainable environment.

“At Kempower, design encompasses the entire product design process. The user-friendliness and usability of our charging solutions is attributable to the entire Kempower team. More than 35% of our staff drives EVs themselves and most of us are real EV fans – this motivation and enthusiasm can be seen in our daily work. The Design Deed of the Year award is a great honour for us and an expression of the entire Kempower staff’s commitment to the development of the customer experience,” says Kempower CTO Mikko Veikkolainen.

Kempower Oy was awarded the Design from Finland mark and the Key Flag symbol in recognition of products made in Finland in the summer of 2021. Now the company receives the prestigious Design Deed of the Year award. The jury praises Kempower for the way the company is answering the challenges of the time, which influence people’s daily life, but are also more widely connected to systemic changes and global demands.

“Kempower’s concept and its products form a cohesive, functional, modular and scalable solution. The solution is both an integral part of the infrastructure of the future and a natural continuation to the functional Finnish design tradition,” states jury member, Ornamo Oy ry Chairperson and designer Hanna-Kaisa Alanen.

“It is wonderful that a Finnish company has specialised in products, which represent intelligent innovations in sociotechnical design. In accordance with the times, the services are present both physically and digitally, and they seamlessly integrate with the customer experience. Additionally, the products cross the interfaces of different users from shared mobility to individual mobility,” Alanen says.

The Design Deed of the Year prize has now been awarded ten times. In previous years, this recognition has been received by Beibamboo Oy (2012), which designs and produces bamboo-fibre baby clothing; VM-Carpet (2013), which produces high-quality, inventive rugs; Droplet Hitech Design Oy (2014), which makes wooden “Lastu” protective holders for mobile devices;  Drop Design Pool Oy (2015), which manufactures “Drop” outdoor pools; Hakola Huonekalu Oy (2016), which makes furniture and interior design products; FRENN Company Oy (2017), which produces men’s wear; Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth (2018);  Woodio Oy, which designs and manufactures wood composite bathroom furniture (2019) and Piiroinen Oy, which manufactures furniture for public spaces (2020).

The jury consists of Industrial Counsellor Kari Kallonen, Ornamo ry Chairperson Hanna-Kaisa Alanen, Piiroinen Oy’s Sales Director Timo Kaivonen and Association for Finnish Work’s CEO Tero Lausala.

Further information:

Tero Lausala, CEO, Association for Finnish Work, +358 50 407 2623,

Paula Savonen, Director, Communications, Kempower, +358 400 343 851,

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About Kempower

Kempower designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles and machines. We’re a team of electric vehicle enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the charging market and a hands-on mentality. Our product development and production are rooted in Finland, with over 90% of our materials and components sourced locally. We focus on all areas of transportation, from personal cars and commercial vehicles to mining equipment, boats and motorsports. With 70 years of experience in perfecting power sources, we set the bar in engineering and user-experience design.