Worrying study results: Finland lacks a supportive environment

Only 44 percent of Finns consider the Finnish attitude climate supportive, and as enabling even ambitious goals. This result surfaced in a study commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work.

Finns feel that the Finnish climate could be more supportive than at present, even if Finland offers good possibilities for realising dreams, in general. More than 60 percept of the respondents, mostly youth, students and employees in management, felt that Finnish society makes it possible to reach one’s own dreams.

– The result reveals that there is still a lot to do before all of us can believe in Finnish society as an enabler of making our dreams come true. Our society does offer all conditions for success, but the general attitude climate does not entice us to use them. As a solution to this, we need more confidence, support and encouragement from others, as well as a healthy pride in matters that are well in Finland, says CEO Tero Lausala from the Association for Finnish Work.

Nearly all Finns (97 % of participants) were of the same opinion, that doing things together and sharing, as well as helping each other in the workplace, created new ideas and well-being. Similarly, 95 per cent of Finns believe in an improved well-being, when each person carries their own weight and functions responsibly in society.

The Made by Finland campaign survey was ordered by the Association and conducted by Taloustutkimus in February 2017. Research data was gathered among 2,219 Finnish citizens aged 18 to 79. The Made by Finland campaign celebrates diverse Finnish work and its success stories and is jointly arranged by the Association for Finnish Work, its members and partner organizations. There are over 80 businesses and organizations involved. Follow Made by Finland and participate in the #madebyfinland discussion on Twitter!

Additional information:

Tero Lausala, CEO, Association for Finnish Work, tero.lausala@suomalainentyo.fi, +358 50 407 2623
Jokke Eljala, Research Manager, Association for Finnish Work, jokke.eljala@suomalainentyo.fi, +358 50 374 7410

The Made by Finland campaign is a joint campaign of the Association for Finnish Work, its members and partner organisations. The campaign celebrates Finnish work and its success stories, and is an official part of the Finland 100 centenary programme. Over 80 member enterprises of the Association for Finnish Work are involved. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage pride in the diversity of Finnish work. Made by Finland also gathers together experts in Finnish working life. As part of the Made by Finland campaign, the Association for Finnish Work, Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), the Työelämä 2020 (Working Life 2020) project and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health are reviewing and developing Finnish working life and its strengths in mutual cooperation. www.madebyfinland.fi