Survey: A great deal of world-class expertise in Finland that’s not sufficiently known

Almost 90 per cent of Finnish people think that there is a great deal of world-class competence in Finland, but that is not sufficiently known. Finns would like to hear more success stories from Finnish companies. These results emerge from the Made by Finland campaign research survey ordered by the Association for Finnish Work.

According to the Made by Finland campaign survey, up to 86 per cent of Finns would like to hear more success stories related to Finnish business. Finnish people strongly believe that there is world-class peak competence in Finland – and they are interested to hear about such successes among Finnish companies.

“The result relates the strong trust in know-how that can be found in our country’s businesses, but at the same time it reveals how little we know about the expertise and successes of the companies and individual employees. In Finland, peak competence is unnecessarily kept hidden,” says Tero Lausala, Managing Director of the Association for Finnish Work.

Finland’s well-being during its 100-year period of independence has been built with work. Also in the future, our well-being will be built from work also gets new forms, where the significance of competence and standing out from the rest will increase.

“Finns have a great need to hear inspiring examples and success stories, and that Finnish work makes the grade. Now when the economic situation as well is showing signs of picking up steam, we want our Made by Finland campaign to bring the world’s best work – i.e. Finnish know-how – to the fore,” Mr Lausala sums up.

According to the survey, almost all Finns – i.e. 97 per cent – would like to be proud of their own work and share their expertise with others as well. Moreover, 96 per cent of Finns were of the opinion that the importance of distributing know-how and knowledge will have more emphasis in the work world of the future.

The research data is based on the Made by Finland campaign research ordered by the Association. The survey conducted by Taloustutkimus was implemented in February 2017. A total of 2,219 Finnish citizens aged 18–79 responded to the survey. Made by Finland is a joint campaign of the Association for Finnish Work, its members and partner organizations that celebrates Finnish work and its  success stories. There are over 80 business enterprises and organizations involved in the campaign. Follow Made by Finland and participate in the #madebyfinland discussion on Twitter!

More information:

Tero Lausala, Managing Director, Association for Finnish Work,, +358 (0)50 407 2623

Jokke Eljala, Research Manager, Association for Finnish Work,, +358 (0)50 374 7410

The Made by Finland campaign is a joint campaign of the Association for Finnish Work, its members and collaborative organisations during the Finland 100 centenary year. Over 80 Association for Finnish Work member enterprises are involved. The purpose of the campaign is encourage pride in the diversity of Finnish work. Made by Finland also gathers together experts in Finnish working life. As part of the Made by Finland campaign, the Association for Finnish Work, Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), the Työelämä 2020 (Working Life 2020) project and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health are reviewing and developing Finnish working life and its strengths in mutual cooperation.