Member fees

The membership fee of the Association for Finnish Work is based on the company’s total turnover and the extent to which the company uses the awarded marks. The mark licence fee is 0.01 percent of the net sales of the products or services for which the mark has been awarded.

Use the calculator below to find out your membership fee

  1. Enter your company’s total turnover.
  2. Then enter the net sales of the products or services for each mark you are applying. If you are applying for The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark for your social enterprise, enter your company’s total turnover again.
  3. Click on the “Get membership fee”.

Membership fee calculator

Get membership fee

Membership fee: € / year

Minimum and maximum amounts of membership fees

The membership fee is 97-9,400 euros per year depending on your company’s turnover and the mark licences.

The maximum fee per year is:

5,500 euros if the company holds one mark;
7,300 euros if the company holds two marks; and
9,400 euros if the company holds three marks.

Administration fee

An administration fee of 70 euros will be charged for the first mark application. Any following applications will incur an administration fee of 7 euros per mark, if all the applications are processed in the same committee meeting.

Fees applied to municipalities and organisations

The membership fee for municipalities, NGOs and similar organisations is 97 euros per year. If an association, NGO or similar conducts business and has applied for a mark for its product or service, it will be treated as a company and charged a membership fee accordingly.