We strive to increase appreciation for Finnish labour and to ensure the prosperity and success of Finnish work.


We make an impact on purchase decisions  to help keep jobs in Finland and create new ones.

Our vision of the cornerstones of successful Finnish work

Work creates well-being and a sense of meaning for everyone
Meaningful work generates value not only for the employer, but also for employees and the community as a whole. Meaningful work brings about a positive, self-realizing cycle in which employees who are more productive than before generate the basis for increasing investments and thereby greater yields. Work should be renewed and everyone should be able to affect his/her work community by increasing the significance or meaning of the work s/he does. Work creates well-being.

Finnish work is proudly international
Finnish work comprises all labour performed in Finland without regard to, e.g. nationality or ownership. Finnish working life should be magnetic and attractive also on the international level.

Buying decisions impact Finnish work
The selection of a Finnish product and service is a responsible choice that affects employment and thereby prosperity and well-being in Finland. Brands that tell of Finnish production, design and socially positive production – recognized by consumers and procurement decision-makers alike – represent products and services that particularly promote Finnish work.

Our values

Our work is meaningful for us, and we stand behind the things we work for and want to communicate to others. Our equal work community respects everyone’s special strengths and background and supports the accumulation of competence. We also communicate about  meaningful work on a wider scale.

We support each other, build networks and assemble versatile project teams together with our own personnel, selected partners and the association’s member enterprises.

We trust and listen to each other. We exchange information and are able to ask each other about things as well as call matters into question in a constructive manner. We react to problems before they get too large to handle. We are also open with the broader environment and engage in an active dialogue with our members and stakeholders.