Nature is the Most Important Source of Inspiration for Finnish Interior Decoration

Finns are most inspired by nature when decorating their homes, according to a survey commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work. Recycling of materials also provides inspiration, especially for female decorators. Nature is also the inspiration behind the Association for Finnish Work's KOTI - The Mindscape of the Finnish Home exhibit at the Habitare expo, which has been executed in collaboration with the Association's member companies.

When Finns were asked what inspires them when decorating their homes, nature was clearly the most popular response (38%). A quarter of Finns (25%) are inspired by recycling, and Finns are insprired to decorate their homes for seasonal festivities (21%). Nature was especially important as a source of decorating inspiration for women, people aged 25-34, and people living in western Finland. The youngest respondents (aged 18-24) were more likely to be inspired by trends and trips abroad.

Constructing the Mindscape of the Finnish Home at the Habitare Expo

In honor of Finland’s centennial, the Association for Finnish Work is participating in the Habitare 2017 expo with an exhibit entitled KOTI – The Mindscape of the Finnish Home, which highlights Finland’s natural environment as inspiration for home decoration. The 400-square-meter exhibit is divided into themes: the forest, the sea, snow, the meadow, polar night, and the marketplace. The exhibit has been constructed and decorated by over 60 member companies of the Association for Finnish Work who have received the Design from Finland or Key Flag marks. Pentagon Design, which has been selected Design Firm of the Year, was responsible for planning the exhibit.

“Many designers are also inspired by nature. The bright summer nights, months-long polar night, forests, rocky landscapes, lakes and the sea, the wind blowing across the fields, and meadows filled with flowers. For many people, these landscapes speak to the soul and suit many different moods. In both form and materials, Finnish design draws from the well of Finnish nature. A certain clean, authentic, and original quality is characteristic of Finnish design,” says the Association for Finnish Work’s Johanna Lahti, Brand Manager for the Design from Finland mark.

Which of the following inspire you when decorating your home?

  • Nature 38 %
  • Recycling 25 %
  • Seasonal festivities 21 %
  • Trends 19 %
  • Trips abroad 19 %
  • Traditions 14 %

Statistics based on a survey by Taloustutkimus commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work. The study was conducted by phone interview 19-27 June 2017, and had 1,004 participants, aged 15-79.

Habitare, Finland’s largest furniture, interior decorating, and design event, takes place 13-17 September 2017 at Helsinki’s Messukeskus. The theme for 2017 is Tomorrow’s Home.  KOTI2017 is located in the center of the AHEAD! area, at booths 6h50 and 6k50 along the main aisle.

Contributors in creating the mindscape of the Finnish home:

Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd, Annala Oy, BOBI.COM Oy, Durat, E.T. Listat Oy, Familon, Grado portaat, Hella Lighting Finland Oy, IDO, ORNA by johan, Korpela Flooring Oy, Kutuluoto® by Westanqvarn, LumoKids, Nord Design, Oras, Pentik, Pihlgren ja Ritola Oy, Sovella@home, Temal, Ulvilan Kaihdin, Univisio Oy, Polaria, Vallila, Shapes, Aarikka, Kuovi Oy, Melaja Oy, Pedro Oy, Punkaharjun Puutaito/Punkalive, REJ Design, Sanka Oy, Solulight, By Johanna Lehtinen Oy, Coolcenter Forssa Oy, Dekorando Oy, Design Duster Oy, Designkaluste Finland Oy, EPuntari Oy, Flora of Finland, Hattulan Kaakelitehdas Oy, Kasviportaat | Plant Steps, Kliks Design®Kokokidi, Kupilka/Plasthill Oy, Lasisirkus, Leino Design, Lennol Oy, LifeSaver, Loimu Design, Marudesign / Marja Aalto-Setälä, Mosho Oy Ab, Muoto2 Design & Manufacturing, Muurla, Paperivalo Ky, Plantui Oy, Puttipaja Oy, Salli Systems, Softcare, Soften Oy, Taiga Colors, THINK TODAY, Tolotech Oy ja True Colours Design

Images of the KOTI2017 exhibit as well as press releases and publicity images from collaborating companies can be downloaded at

For further information, please contact:

Johanna Lahti, Brand Manager, Design from Finland, Association for Finnish Work, +358 40 591 6143,
Tero Lausala, Managing Director, Association for Finnish Work, +358 050 407 2623,


The Association for Finnish Work strives for an increased appreciation for Finnish labour and for the success of Finnish work. The Association controls the Key Flag, Design from Finland, and Finnish Social Enterprise marks. The Association also works as an influencer of purchase decisions and promotes workplace innovation. The Association is an organisation built on values comprising over 3,000 member companies and organisations.

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