The 100-year-old Association is Still Active

Did you know that the Association for Finnish Work was founded already in the year 1912, and that would mean that the association’s 110th birthday is just around the corner? Time sure flies. The association was founded in Tampere originally for the organisation of the Week for Furthering Finnish Industry or Finnish Week. These weeks were organised several times between 1913 and 1975.

The idea behind our operation is still in line with the association’s history, in that the association seeks to support Finnish work and successful work in Finland. We should also be internationally proud of Finnish work, so let’s stop being modest and conquer the world, because internationality and export are what keep Finnish work alive. Our central mission is still to encourage everyone to choose Finnish work. Companies and organisations join the association and apply for marks, or certificates, for their operations, which can be used to reliably communicate Finnish origins and important values, such as responsibility. The Key Flag, Design from Finland and Social Enterprise marks help customers make good choices for the success of Finnish society and to ensure that Finland is a nice place to live for all of us. All of this happens in the spirit of equality, justice and openness.

At the core of our association are our members, of whom there currently are almost 5,000. The association is a non-profit, expert organisation, which is funded by its member companies. The annual membership fee is based on the turnover of the company. We produce research results for the use of the member companies regarding changes in consumer behaviour and the effect of Finnishness on the buying decision as well as research on trends, feelings, responsibility and the thoughts of young people. Current and interesting topics viewed from different standpoints, every year. We also create content for marketing, so that it is as easy as possible for our member companies to convey our common values to customers and stakeholders. Responsibility has become an extremely important theme for all companies. A large number of various training and information events are also included in the support we offer, along with materials. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the material we have produced.

We serve our members personally, but many matters can also be taken care of through our electronic channels. The marks are applied for using an electronic form, which is then processed in a meeting by the executive committee of the mark in question. Did you know that the executive committees of the marks, which convene several times each year, are made up of outside experts in various fields, who do this valuable work for free? A big thank you goes out to all of the committee members for doing important work!

We continuously develop and improve our services. The most important tools and information can be found on the association’s website and an electronic service portal, Extranet, has been developed for members. Using the service is safe, as the employees of the companies all have personal passwords, and the service can be used to take care of official business relating to our association, such as renewing mark permits or adding to applications. Companies are able to display the products and services that have been awarded marks in the web service for free. Our comprehensive material bank can be accessed through the member service independent of time and place. Taking care of things electronically is easy, economical and modern.

Would you like to be a part of this? Ask us for further information.

Nina Pohjoiskoski
Customer Relationship Manager, The Key Flag