The Association for Finnish Work makes responsibility a membership criterion

The Association for Finnish Work has together with its member companies defined what constitutes responsible work in Finland. Creating jobs, responsible production and supply chain and caring for employees’ knowhow and wellbeing are the principles for responsible work, as defined by the Association for Finnish Work, and to which its 4,500 member organisations commit.  The Association will begin a comprehensive training program for its member companies to support the realisation of responsible work and communications connected with it.

– Responsibility is already an important factor in the buying decisions made by companies, the public sector and consumers. We believe that responsible work is a base requirement for business activities both in Finland and abroad, states Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association for Finnish Work, Riitta Huuhtanen.

The responsibility principles of Finnish work have been comprehensibly detailed during the last year together with the Association’s member companies and by conducting research into what it is that Finns value and demand with regard to responsibility both as companies and as consumers.

– We have very carefully listened to the wishes and needs of our member companies, says Huuhtanen about the research conducted within the Association.

The executives of the Association’s member companies consider the most important factors of responsibility to be good employership and consideration of responsibility in manufacturing products or providing services. Of the different areas of responsibility, employee wellbeing and transparency of production chains are the ones that are being implemented the best.

– The research highlighted the fact that responsibility is extremely important in almost all companies and that companies require the most support in communications connected with it, says Tero Lausala, CEO of the Association for Finnish Work.

– We pay special attention to the economic and social responsibility of work being done in Finland, as well as environmental responsibility. Together with our member companies, we highlight how important it is to create new jobs and keep the current ones as well as care for employees from the viewpoint of responsibility, continues Lausala.

The Association for Finnish Work will commit its member companies to the principles of responsible work

According to the Association for Finnish Work’s definition of responsible work, a responsible company develops its operations in order to keep jobs and create new positions and jobs. Additionally, the company will see to it that its production and its connected subcontracts are responsible as well as support the knowhow, wellbeing and equality of its employees.

– According to our survey, these principles are already being realised successfully in many of our member companies. In the future, all of our member companies will be committed to these principles of responsible work. By committing and training our members to being responsible operators, we want to do our part in changing the world to be a more responsible place, summarises Lausala.

The Association for Finnish Work conducted the quantitative online survey using Surveypal between 10 January and 25 October 2019. A total of 213 Keyflag company CEOs and executive managers answered the survey.

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Further information:

Riitta Huuhtanen, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Association for Finnish Work,, +358 50 533 1859
Tero Lausala, CEO, Association for Finnish Work,, +358 50 407 2623
Hanna Malinen, Communications Manager, Association for Finnish Work,, +358 50 369 4949

The Association for Finnish Work endeavours to increase the appreciation of Finnish work and to further the success of Finnish work. The Association governs the marks indicating Finnish work (Keyflag, Design from Finland and Social Enterprise merks) and influences buying decisions in order to maintain jobs and create new ones.