”The power of purchase decisions made by companies is immense” – Consumers think companies should buy more Finnish products

Companies operating in Finland buy about 190 billion Euros worth of products and services annually. A little over 70 percent of the products and services are Finnish. More than 80 percent of Finns feel that companies should mainly buy Finnish products and services. If the degree of domestic content of purchases made by companies were to rise by one percent, it would mean an increase of up to 1.9 billion Euros in Finnish purchases.

Companies purchase 140 billion Euros worth of Finnish products and services annually.

“The purchases made by companies have a great impact on our national economy and wellbeing. It is important that companies based in Finland buy products and services which are made in Finland and therefore increase employment here. The power of purchase decisions made by companies is immense”, says Tero Lausala, the CEO of the Association for Finnish Work.

According to the survey done by the Association for Finnish Work among company purchasers, in addition to quality and price, accountability and whether the company employs in Finland are factors which are also considered in the purchase decisions of companies. The companies estimated that in the future especially accountability will become increasingly important when making purchase decisions. Almost half of the companies taking part in the survey stated that they acquire the majority of products and services from Finland.

Consumers are also interested to know what is important to companies when making their purchase decisions. According to a survey by the Association for Finnish Work, more than 80 percent of Finnish consumers feel that companies should mainly buy Finnish products and services. Finns also feel that companies should communicate openly about buying Finnish products and services.

A Finnish subcontracting chain is important

In addition to the country of manufacture, Finns are interested in how Finnish the subcontracting chain of the company is. Three out of four Finns state that a Finnish subcontracting chain at least somewhat affects their purchase decision. According to the survey, the consumers’ opinion about company purchases is very much in line with their own consumer attitudes.

Also, almost half of the companies who took part in the company purchase survey believe that the end users of products and services feel that a Finnish subcontracting chain of a product or service is important.


The Consumer survey was performed by Taloustutkimus Oy. 1,187 consumers aged between 18 and 79 took part in the survey through the internet panel of Taloustutkimus in the fall of 2018.

The company purchase survey, Yritykset ostopäätöksen äärellä, was performed by Aula Research Oy. 320 persons responsible for company purchases answered the survey either electronically or via phone interview during August and September of 2018.

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Jokke Eljala, Research Manager, Association for Finnish Work, Tel. 050 374 7410, jokke.eljala@suomalainentyo.fi

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The Key Flag symbol is a sign of Finnish work. It can be granted to products manufactured in Finland and to services which have been produced in Finland by a Finnish-owned company. More than 4,100 products, product groups and services have the Key Flag symbol. The symbol is granted by the Association for Finnish Work. www.avainlippu.fi