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Nature is the Most Important Source of Inspiration for Finnish Interior Decoration

Finns are most inspired by nature when decorating their homes, according to a survey commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work. Recycling of materials also provides inspiration, especially for female decorators. Nature is also the inspiration behind the Association for Finnish Work’s KOTI – The Mindscape of the Finnish Home exhibit at the Habitare expo, which has been executed in collaboration with the Association’s member companies.

Design Deed of the Year Award 2016 to Hakola Huonekalu Oy

The Association for Finnish Work awarded Jurva-based Hakola Huonekalu Oy with the Design Deed of the Year award today in connection with the Habitare Fair. The company produces furniture and interior decorating products. The criteria for the award are originality, responsibility and design as part of everyday life.

Design from Finland recognition: Finndent and Bond Creative Agency awarded for Finnish design

In appreciation for commendable Finnish design, the Association for Finnish Work’s Design from Finland brand committee has accredited Finndent and Bond Creative Agency with the Design from Finland mark. Finndent designs and manufactures dental equipment and Bond is a design agency. The companies can use the mark for one year at a time. The purpose of the recognition is to increase the professionalism, fame and interest in Finnish design in both domestic and international markets.