Social Enterprise mark signals producing common good and having certain values

Was your company founded for some social purpose and is most of its profits going to producing something good in society? The Social Enterprise mark allows you to communicate to your customers and interest groups the value-based mission of your company.

Social enterprises differ from other businesses in that the business is run primarily to reach some social or environmental goal. It may be providing work for those who are long-term unemployed, or rehabilitation of special groups. A social enterprise uses most of its result for reaching its goal by developing its activities or through donations.

A social enterprise follows the same rules as other businesses, without public subsidies or special treatment in legislation. To obtain the Social Enterprise mark, the company must openly demonstrate the social significance of its operation, among other things.

When your operation is responsible, it is worth telling others about it. Social enterprises are building a better world together with customers, interest groups and local decision makers. Nowadays, many choose a company with a purpose because that is a responsible choice. We are helping you to communicate that you are operating for a good purpose.

“The mark supports the message of our brand that we are reliable, our service produces added value to the customer and is in line with the goals of society.” Source: Association for Finnish Work membership survey

“The mark indicates that we are operating without seeking profit and that we use the funds to develop our operation – we do not distribute dividends to the management unlike our competitors.”

How can you get the Social Enterprise mark?

Fill out an application to obtain the right to use the Social Enterprise mark; our personnel will assist you in doing so. The applications are processes six times a year by a committee consisting of experts in various fields. The amount of the user rights fee depends on your turnover, you can see the quantity of your fee using the membership fee calculator. The smallest possible fee is 97 euros per year.

Once you have obtained the user rights of the mark, it will be renewed every three years using a simple form. Annually, you will inform the association of your up-to-date turnover and matters impacting the user rights of the mark.

“The Social Enterprise mark means accountability, significance of the work, social value base and long-term development for the common good.”

How can you utilise the Social Enterprise mark?

We offer a comprehensive package of materials and guidelines for the businesses to use. You will have a password to our extranet for downloading the logos and ready materials on communication and marketing. We offer social media images, press release templates, ready files to print stickers for windows and posters, and various topical campaign materials.

We organise regular events on Teams to give you tips on utilising the mark.

“The mark is on the front page of our organisation, visible right when you open it. It says that we are a local non-profit association. In this way, we stand out from many others in our field.”

In addition, versatile membership benefits

When you apply for the user rights of Key Flag or Design from Finland or Finnish Social Enterprise mark, you are also joining the association as member and, in addition to the user rights, you will have all the membership benefits. You can also become a member without applying for user rights of the marks and still have our general membership benefits.

We offer our member companies a wide range of training on communication, online trade and accountability, as well as campaigns and communication support, and survey results on consumers, BtoB buyers and public procurement, to utilise in sales and marketing.

“The Social Enterprise mark clearly defines the base of all our operation and ideology, that it difficult to relay.”

Apply for a mark

The quotes are from a membership survey of the Association for Finnish Work

Niina Ollikka
Marketing Manager, The Design from Finland and The Finnish Social Enterprise mark

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