Design from Finland – the mark to make Finnish design visible

The Design from Finland mark suits companies, which seek to distinguish with products or services representing Finnish design competence, and to emphasise value-based service and the design focus of their operations. Applying for the mark is easy and your business will benefit from it.

The Design from Finland mark is useful for a Finnish company, whose products or services have been professionally and responsibly designed in Finland with the user in mind. The requirement for using the mark is not that the products are manufactured in Finland, but the brand companies must communicate openly about the structure of their production chain and country of manufacture.

The Design from Finland mark has been awarded to hundreds of products or services from digital solutions to products of industrial design. Nearly 72 percent of corporate decision makers recognise the mark and more than one in five say it influences their purchase decision. Nearly half of the consumers recognise the mark.

”Design from Finland mark indicates high quality professional design, which considers all the different levels of product design from the choice of materials to consumer packaging (comment by a Japanese customer).” Source: Association for Finnish Work membership survey

“In exports, the mark underlines Finnish / Nordic design and creates an impression of quality.”

How do we obtain the Design from Finland mark?

Fill out an application to obtain the right to use the Design from Finland mark; our personnel will assist you in doing so. The applications are processes six times a year by a committee consisting of experts in various fields. The amount of the user rights fee depends on your turnover, you can see the quantity of your fee using the membership fee calculator. The smallest possible fee is 97 euros per year.

Once you have obtained the user rights of the mark, it will be renewed every three years using a simple form. Annually, you will inform the association of your up-to-date turnover and matters impacting the user rights of the mark.

“The people who processed our application were extremely nice, helpful and skilful.  We owe them a big thank you.”

How can you utilise the Design from Finland mark?

We offer a lot of material and instructions for the companies to use. You will have a password to our extranet and materials bank for downloading the logos and ready materials on communication and marketing. We offer a wide range of social media materials for different occasions, press release templates, materials to print stickers and posters and various topical campaign materials. You can for example print the logos on product packages, post them on your website, use them on social media and in all other communication with customers and interest groups.

We organise regular events on Teams to give you tips on utilising the mark. I also personally help the Design from Finland companies to utilise the mark.

“The association offers clear instructions and ideas on how to use the material in marketing.” 

“The mark indicates that the design language of the products stems from the Finnish cultural heritage. That is of value in the global culture.”

In addition, versatile membership benefits

When you apply for the user rights of Key Flag or Design from Finland or Finnish Social Enterprise mark, you are also joining the association as member and, in addition to the user rights, you will have all the versatile membership benefits. You can also become a member without applying for user rights of the marks and still have our general membership benefits.

We offer our member companies a wide range of training on communication, online trade and accountability, as well as campaigns and communication support, and survey results on consumers, BtoB buyers and public procurement, to utilise in sales and marketing.

“The online training and lectures have been extremely valuable. It has been easy to participate during the workday and the topics have been very topical.” 

“For us, Finnish design is a guarantee of quality and a cause for pride, since out selection is largely based on operations with a focus on design.”

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The quotes are from a membership survey of the Association for Finnish Work

Minna Varis
Customer Relationship Manager, Design from Finland

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