We act boldly and with an open mind to promote Finnish work, helping our member companies prosper in Finland and abroad.

We promote new initiatives for a diverse labour market and work of the future. We define the future directions of work so that our member companies can respond to the transformation and changes of work.


By 2017, the Association for Finnish Work is recognised as a leader in speaking out for Finnish work, making Finnish work both admired and succesful.

As an expert organisation, we will lead the debate on the future of Finnish work, introducing new ideas about work, working and workplaces. Together we will address the future challenges and create positive stories of work!

In order to increase prosperity right now and in the future, Finland must discover new ways of working and opportunities for work. The Association for Finnish Work has been active in representing the interests of work in Finland. In our efforts to promote Finnish work, we act together with consumers, workers and employers. Finnish work is our future!


  • The success of Finnish work is in the heart of our activities.
  • We reform Finnish work boldly and with an open mind.
  • Finnish work is proudly international.
  • Work creates meaning and prosperity for everyone.